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Invest in a media intelligence service that will make your world clearer!

Find out more about what Truescope’s media intelligence service can do for you. Complete the form and our team will be in touch to arrange a full platform demo, price estimate and free trial.

  1. Find out more about your unique challenges, requirements and business goal.


  2. Provide a live demonstration of the Truescope platform.

  3. Explore how Truescope can solve your current challenges and help

      you to meet your goals without costing you days or even weeks from

      your quarter.


  4. Set up a free trial if you would like to move ahead.


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Millions of media sources

From Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and many more to online news, radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines across the world, Truescope monitors millions of mainstream and social media sources.

And we’re constantly adding new data sources to the platform so that you get the comprehensive coverage you need to be fully informed.

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Important information in an instance

Imagine having an advisor by your side day and night, feeding you wisdom to support every strategy and every decision. That's the Truescope platform. It unifies, enriches and indexes the world’s information in real-time so that you get instant access to intel from millions of media sources.

Easy-to-build dashboards

Easy-to-build Dashboards put you in the driving seat. Filtered data, visualizations of key metrics, actionable insights, all delivered in a real-time media analysis dashboard you can customize. Create as many as you need and pull highlights directly into reports to demonstrate impact and save time.

Make a good impression with branded reports

Sometimes you need to send all of the information you have to your team within seconds. Other times you might want to customize polished, top-level, or even personalized reports for external stakeholders. Truescope is purposely built to do both. Export fully automated, branded reports to save time or edit them to include specific information like Charts and Dashboard highlights. 

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Our Happy Clients

" Truescope has delivered good quality of service in allowing us to monitor news across our 8 key markets."
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