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In Singapore, netizens are becoming increasingly vocal about social issues that are important to them. By using Truescope's proprietary platform, we have extracted thousands of social media data points to uncover the conversations taking place around different forms of workplace discrimination in Singapore. 

Download Truescope's FREE whitepaper to understand the triggers behind netizen conversations, alongside their sentiments towards discriminatory issues and practices occurring in the workplace. 

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Through social listening,

we were able to analyse thousands of conversations

happening in Singapore's social media sphere from January to June 2022. 

Total number of comments extracted:


At a


Truescope also uncovered the key stories that triggered conversations and discussion relating to workplace discrimination in Singapore. 

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some of the areas covered in this whitepaper include sentiments towards, but not limited to, ageist, sexist and racist occurrences in the workplace.  We looked at the different platforms in which these conversations were taking place, and what sentiments were like on each of these platforms. 

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Among the case studies documented are:

  • Former police officer Reema Razif, who was told that her performance review was affected by her pregnancy

  • The White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development, which was submitted to Parliament on 28 March 2022

  • The Ministry of Manpower's survey results about workplace discrimination


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